True Colour Expert™ Workshop

Happy me!  I am presently in Southern California serving as a graduate assistant to Maria Killam in her Specify Colour With Confidence™️/True Colour Expert™️ workshop.  Not only do I get to review the undertone training from the workshop I attended 4 months ago, but I get to spend time with Maria; Terreeia, her partner, all of the wonderful class participants; my classroom counterpart Jennifer; my blogging partner, Valerie; and I was thrilled and surprised to see my past design partner, Katy, enter the room!


Maria Killam During a Class Project, Valerie (in black and white dress next to Maria)


My Work Space at LA’s Specify Colour With Confidence Workshop


Two of My Besties, My HeyGirlfriend.Net Blogging Partner Valerie (left) and My Past Business Partner Katy (right)! Maria Killam (in red dress) Giving Instruction.


Me With My Longtime Besties and Design Comrades: (left to right) Valerie, Melissa, Katy

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