Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford your services?

It depends on your budget and the service you are looking for.  Prices start at $500- to redecorate a standard size room with your belongings and/or to receive a detailed written design plan that you can implement as time and money allow.

What if I want to completely redecorate an entire room, how much will that cost?

It will depend on what is being purchased for that room and how much time is spent on planning, research, sourcing and implementation.  For example, a standard size living room with window treatments, flooring/carpeting, paint, lighting, furniture, artwork and accessories could cost as little as $10,000- using inexpensive materials or it could cost over $200,000 using fine materials and craftsmanship.

Can I buy inexpensive furnishings and get a great look?

Yes, you can.  But good quality and beautiful lines often come with a price.  Always buy the best you can afford.

How does the Room Stylist feel about trends?

We love trends, they keep things fresh.  But trends should never replace what is classic and timeless, unless you are financially prepared to redecorate every 3 to 5 years.  Use trends on easily replaceable items and paint colors.

Will I get the look that really represents me if I hire the Room Stylist?

Yes!  We are committed to creating beautiful environments that reflect the best of their owner’s design sensibilities.  It’s all about You!

I’m talented at decorating, I’m not sure I need a decorator.

Most of our clients are talented decorators: they have excellent taste and often already own beautiful things.  Some of the reasons our clients hire us are because they:

  • Are overwhelmed by the decision making process
  • Don’t know all of their options
  • Don’t have designer’s resources
  • Are too busy
  • Don’t know how to pull their look together
  • Have expertise in other fields
  • Love collaborating
  • Have been referred to us

I found some great furniture!  I am going to order it and call you when it arrives, so you can help me pull my rooms together.

Call us first, so that we can help you prevent costly mistakes.

I am going to remodel and want to hire the Room Stylist after.

Your money will be best spent if you hire us for a pre-construction consult.

Do you ever work alongside architects?

Yes!  Your money is best spent if you include us at the beginning of a project.  We often serve as liaison between our clients and their architect.  Our goal is to assure that the entire vision is complete, from the inside out.  We love collaborating!