Hello!  I’m Melissa Bolinger, owner of the Room Stylist.Melissa-Bolinger-the-Room-Stylist

Based in Seattle, the Room Stylist is a boutique design firm which specializes in planning renovations and the execution of decoration in residential and commercial interiors.   

Although each project is as unique as its client, and there are no two personalities or projects alike, all of the Room Stylist’s projects start and end with the same philosophy: to discover and draw out our client’s distinctive allure.

Often our clients are puzzled by imbalanced or awkward architecture and struggle to get their house right.  We identify offending issues and commonly work as liaison between architect and/or contractor and client, to ensure that the entire project, from bones to furnishings, is in harmony.  With good design, it is said that “form follows function”, we believe that form and function are equally important.

Our best (and favorite) work is with clients who embrace opportunities for change and exploration; value quality and originality; appreciate cutting-edge thinking; possess a strong sense of adventure and creativity; want to be understood and acknowledged for their uniqueness; realize that excellence in full service design is not a frivolity and does not come cheap.

In consideration of your future renovation and design, if you:

  • Prefer to be hands off or to collaborate
  • Expect to solve problems with fresh ideas
  • Take pride in excellence
  • Value quality and originality
  • Long for balance, beauty, style and incomparable design
  • Crave function
  • Plan to increase your property’s value
  • Want to show off your exceptional personality through your environment
  • Desire for your discriminating level of taste to be seen and affirmed

We are excited to speak with you.  Contact us here or call us at 562-243-1514.

✿ About my personal life:  Married • Dog lover • Gourmet food appreciator • Traveler and explorer • Photography buff (the photo on this page is a selfie) • Never met a stranger • Encourager • Industrious  • Grateful • Energized by excellence •  Friends and clients have occasionally called me “a trip” (and I have been assured it’s a good thing😉)