Design Services

Full-Service Design

Includes help with every detail from Design Development and Project Implementation; to (finally) the day you have been dreaming of: Project Completion!

We are committed to creating high quality interiors that beautifully draw out and reflect each owner’s unique sense of style and personality.  This is due, in part, to a noteworthy ability to pay attention to the smallest nuances of each client’s character.

In addition to decoration, Full service design often includes teamwork with contractors, architects, engineers and landscape designers to assure perfect execution in the plans and construction of new builds and remodeling.  The Room Stylist will lighten your load and work as your ally during all facets of your project.

One Day Decorating™   


Save money by preventing costly mistakes!

We are focused on creating beautiful environments which, in turn, nourish and give peace to those who spend time in them. Many of our clients have nice things and need a One Day Decorating Consult to help with balancing their rooms by rearranging furniture, artwork and accessories. Our One Day Consultations also include detailed written design plans to help our clients perfect their rooms as time and money allow.

We are often called to give One Day Consultations for rooms that have not yet been furnished, as well as One Day Pre-Construction Consults. In each case, we provide a detailed written design plan and, when appropriate, a floor or furniture plan is given.

Starting at $500- for a standard size living room

Color Consulting


Get help pulling your home together with perfect color choices!

  • Identify and correct existing color mistakes
  • Avoid future color mistakes

As a certified True Colour Expert™, the Room Stylist will help you prevent unsightly and costly color mistakes by identifying existing undertones and evaluating the surrounding elements inside or outside of your home, which will lead you to make the right choices.

Consider this service for cabinets, counters, fireplaces, rockwork, paint… anything that has color.  This service is especially valuable during the planning stages of construction.  For interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial projects.

Starting at $350-

Resale Ready

Use your existing belongings to stage your home for resale.  Get a detailed punch list covering the most important cosmetic points in every part of your home, from the front yard to the backyard, so that your property will sell for top dollar.

This service provides more than a return on the seller’s investment!  Many thousands of dollars can be left behind when a home is not shown in its best light.   Most buyers don’t have the vision to see beyond what they see.  Help them recognize the beauty of your home, so that you can sell faster and for top dollar!

Fee based on size of home

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