Historic Mediterranean


This grand and architecturally interesting sunken living room, with walnut floors, arched windows on one side and french doors on the other, was a room that was under used.  Two mismatched rugs, one Persian and another a patterned wool, made the room feel broken up and piecey.  The conversation area was squished to one end of the room, leaving two pretty occasional chairs to sit by themselves on the other.

The room was rearranged to welcome guest in and maximize seating.  Pretty silk pillows, that had been sitting in storage, were placed on each end of the sofa which made the room feel more luxurious.

Once the room was rearranged, a design plan was given to the client listing everything the room needed to bring it to perfection.  Some of the items included side tables and matching lamps.  I recommended a large custom bound wool rug that would cover most of the room’s square footage to anchor the furniture and create cohesion. The rug has since been designed and now sits in the room.

An architecturally appropriate fireplace revision was also recommended.  I was hired, later, to draw plans and the fireplace has since been rebuilt.  I also had the contractor change the swing on the casement windows flanking the fireplace so that the draperies now stack next to the corners of the room.


This grand living room was underused because it was dark and uninviting.


AFTER: With a simple rearrangement of furniture and accessories, the living room beckoned for use. A design plan was given to the client detailing items and fixes that would further perfect the room, such as adding side tables and lamps and a recommendation for a fireplace revision.

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